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BOTOX Treatments

In the past, there was a social stigma attached to men seeking cosmetic treatment. However, in today’s society seeking medical advice and treatment to improve your looks is no longer the preserve of women and cosmetic procedures among men are on the rise. When it comes to BOTOX treatment, around 15 to 30 percent of our patients are male. It is now the most popular non-surgical procedure amongst men.

What to Expect

Timeless Beauty Havasu offers only the latest and most advanced non-invasive procedures for men, resulting in an enhanced appearance and youthful look with minimal downtime.
Fine lines and wrinkles are removed and continued use will prevent their reappearance.

Fast and painfree
Timeless Beauty Havasu BOTOX treatments are fast and virtually painless, and results are visible within three to seven days, lasting for up to four months or longer.

Absolute comfort and confidence
For many men, the comfort lies in seeing a nurse who understands your needs. We can guarantee that you are in safe, professional hands.
Wide range of options
As an overall treatment plan, we can also suggest other non-surgical anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatments in conjunction with Timeless Beauty Havasu BOTOX procedures to enhance the results even further.


Hair Removal

Timeless Beauty Havasu aims to ensure that our male clients get the most out of permanent laser hair removal and enjoy FREEDOM OF A HAIRLESS BODY. We take the extra time and care when treating high density body areas such as: Abdomen, Hands, Arms, Underarms, Neck, Beard, Back, and Chest.

Timeless Beauty Havasu offers vast experience in treatment of ingrown hair (razor bumps) on various body areas

Hair Removal Advantages

Why laser hair removal? Laser hair removal has many advantages over other hair removal methods, including efficiency, cost, and results. The Alma Soprano, as the best-in-class laser hair removal system provides all of these advantages and more.

EFFECTIVENESS: Laser hair removal is proven to significantly reduce hair permanently. In most cases, hair is reduced by 85-90% after six treatments. The lasers we use are FDA approved and have been evaluated as the most effective in peer-reviewed medical journals. These sophisticated lasers target the root of the hair so specifically that they not only eliminate very dark and coarse hair, but are also the most effective lasers for the removal of fine hair and even hair with a light brown root. Click here to reach scientific reports and studies on the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

AFFORDABILITY: We never insist on paying for packages up front, our clients can pay per treatment. We are confident that our lasers' great results will bring our clients back for completion and follow up treatments.

EVALUATIONS and CUSTOMIZATION: Before, During & After: Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns. We access your skin type for treatment eligibility. We thoroughly review every client's skin type and hair color to determine customized treatment settings before and during the treatment.

SAFETY: We use a patented cooling device for cooling the skin surface during treatments. That means more comfortable treatments and eliminates the need for topical anesthetics.

TRUTHFULLNESS: No False promises. We explain what works and what doesn't. Our first priority is your health and your satisfaction and therefore we educate you about your skin, our services, and the best options to achieve your goals.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Our laser providers and professional staff understand the intimate nature of laser hair removal and are accustomed to addressing our clients' most private concerns. You can rest assured that anything discussed or treatments performed at Timeless Beauty Havasu will remain discreet and confidential.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers for men are becoming an increasingly popular way to take control and reverse the signs of ageing and stress. Fillers are used to remove lines and wrinkles caused by environmental factors, challenging careers, ageing, sun exposure, lifestyle pressures or simply as a result of the way we use our facial muscles.

Results are immediate - smoother, softer, more youthful skin - and in many cases the line is literally 'erased'.

Results natural looking with very little down-time (typically a day or so of mild redness and swelling).

Filler Candidates

Who is a candidate for wrinkle filler treatment? If you're unhappy with the lines and wrinkles you see in the mirror, want higher, more youthful looking cheeks or fuller lips, then our Dermal filler treatment could be your answer.

Do you dream of not having deep-set lines and thin lips? Dream of the time not long ago when your face was tight and line-free? If you are ready to stop dreaming about a youthful face and start living in it,contact us today.


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